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Exchange Online – Are your mailboxes encrypted?

For some organisations, encryption of data at rest is considered an important security control, especially in the context of cloud solutions. With core Office 365 services (SharePoint Online and Exchange Online) you have the option of controlling your own keys through the method known as Customer Key. But is there anything built-in that provides encryption… Read More »

Microsoft 365 Roadmap

One of the hardest things to deal with when working with Microsoft’s cloud services is the avalanche of information published daily. What’s relevant and interesting compared to the chaff that is not meaningful for you? Microsoft employees refer to it as “drinking from the firehose”. Well, one of the most helpful sources I’ve come across… Read More »

PTA, AADJ and the “User must change password at next log on” flag

OK, the title has a whole bunch of acronyms which may not be entirely familiar. Actually…if we’re being really picky I should probably say a whole bunch of initialisms, but that would digress into a whole different article when a perfectly good Wikipedia article already exists for that. 🙂 Anyway, PTA is the accepted short form… Read More »