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Windows Server 2008 User Account Control Gotcha #2

Yesterday I blogged about some of the confusion that Windows Server 2008 User Account Control can cause.  Continuing on the same theme, here is another example – this time using slmgr.vbs to query the licence activation status of a Windows Server 2008 machine. This is what you see when you run the command line from… Read More »

PowerShell GPMC scripts

  The other day I had a need to configure scheduled backups of GPOs to file on a Windows Server 2008 Domain Controller.  Aha (I thought), I’ve done this before using the BackupAllGPOs.wsf script that is included along with a whole bunch of other handy scripts when you install the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). … Read More »

Exporting Events with Wevtutil Using a Time-Based Query

Windows Server 2008 (and Vista) offer improved options for event log management.  For example, you now have the option to forward events to a central event collector server.  You also now have powerful filtering capabilities.  One of the features I like is the Wevtutil command-line tool that allows you to retrieve, query, archive, export and… Read More »

Should all my DCs run on Server Core?

  Last week I initiated a discussion on the mailing list about running Windows Server 2008 Domain Controllers on Server Core.  I was curious to see whether there were any good reasons why all DCs (RODCs and RWDCs) should not be run on Server Core as a best practice.   The conclusion reached was that,… Read More »

Mixed bag ‘o Nuts

  It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged, so here’s a more or less random collection of snippets for you to enjoy/delete at leisure. Quest acquires Netpro Wow, this one took me by surprise, especially as I have been contracting to Quest on and off for the past 10 months.  Two of the biggest… Read More »

Hyper-v logoff / logon issue

When running through final preparations for a presentation to a few hundred people (well, tens of people…ok, at least 5 people…proabably) the last thing you need is for your Hyper-v environment to start misbehaving.   This is exactly what happened to me and I’ve just found the cause, so am feeling a lot more relaxed about things.  I… Read More »